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The first continental European electronic computer which was called" Small Electronic Calculating Machine" (SECM) has been created in Kiev in the early fifties. But even at that time its creators realized the machine should be learned besides doing calculations to think, to perceive and to understand human speech as well as sounds and images.

Since then computers have reached huge speed and memory sizes, significant successes in performance of calculations, information search, formal logic. But as for human mental activity modelling the results are very modest. To tell the truth, computers are still "blind" and "deaf" in wide comprehension of these words. There are the priority challenges caused by the public and technological progress development. But they could not be decide by modern computers because of the gap in their intellectual compound developing which restrains their opportunities extensively.

For overcoming this qualitative disadvantage of computer facilities it was necessary to develop a new fundamental theory which would let transform computer technologies based on the use of intellectualization methods and means. It has been named the theory of intellectual information technologies and systems and developed actively more than 40 years as one of the priority computer science directions. World priority in this area is reached due to the Ukrainian scientists’ and experts’ efforts. It has allowed to formulate the State Scientific Technical Program “The Pattern Computer".

The well-known Bill Gates, Microsoft manager, considers that tomorrow is with intellectual information technologies and systems which perceive and understand human language, printed and hand-written texts, process and understand various images, drawings, etc., perceive spatial and sound scenes. Developing these technologies Gates is going to reign over universal information space.

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