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One of the priority directions of computer science intellectual information technologies and systems creation is being actively developed and formed more than 40 years in Ukraine. World priority in this area is reached due to the Ukrainian scientists’ and experts’ efforts. It has allowed to formulate the State Scientific Technical Program “The Pattern Computer".

The State Scientific Technical Program “The Pattern Computer" is approved by the Cabinet of Ukraine decision 1652 from 8 November, 2000.

The Program has been formed with the assistance of the Ministry of Economics of Ukraine, the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the State Committee for Communication and Informatization of Ukraine, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the Committee for Science and Education of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, other ministries and departments. The program has undergone a detailed examination by experts and has been coordinated with the leading ministries and departments.

"The Pattern Computer" program is focused on creation of new high science intensive information technologies with elements of the person intelligence, capable to understand human speech, to see and to perceive environment objects, to operate with knowledge. Such technologies will allow to create qualitatively new computer types for challenges’ decisions which are unattainable by modern traditional means. The development of the devices which are carrying out not only calculations, but also modelling pattern recognition of the world and pattern decision-making, concerns to advanced directions in the world scientific technological progress. Ukraine has a priority and the international recognition in this area. The priority direction of science and technics development "society informatization new computer means and technologies" is determined in the Government Program activity and the State program of social and economic development of Ukraine. And according to the formulated purposes and new basic tasks SSTP “The Pattern Computer" completely meets its requirements.

SSTP “The Pattern Computer" main feature is targets and goals unity. The program is constructed in such a manner that the received results on separate stages have both independent value (industrial technologies, research samples of microelectronic devices), and can be built in modern computer systems and complexes configurations.

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