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Device “Icar-2006”

Icar-2006 is a microprocessor-based device for electrocardiograms from digital electrodes registration and processing.

It is aimed for operative estimate of individual change indicators in cardiac work under the influence of physical and emotional activities. The device realizes EKG processing with an original method which is covered by patents of Ukraine. In contrast to traditional methods this one lets «see» in the electrocardiogram signs of the slightest pathologic changes in the heart which cannot be noticed under traditional electrocardiogram processing.

The device is oriented screening in patient care institutions, diagnostic centres, health centres, sport and military medicine, research centres as well as for individual domestic use if it is recommended by doctor.

Ikar2006Icar-2006 is a portable electronic device with self-contained electrical supply, internal screen and control item in the form of joystick.

The Device Provides:

  • registration of the examinee digital electrical cardio logical signal;
  • EKG representation on an  internal screen in real time;
  • information preservation on demountable flash-card;
  • EKG autonomous processing in real time;
  • psychological-emotional loading test registration;
  • definition of the diagnostic parameters value;
  • deviations indication of diagnostic parameters from norm.

The device is being produced in three modifications:
Icar-2006-01 Model is a simplified unit for use at home. It needn’t special medical education. Diagnostics results are displayed on the indicator in the form of “thermometer” with three gradations of examinee condition “NORM”, “WELL”, “ATTENTION”.

Icar-2006-02 Model could be used at home, by family doctors as well as for clinical and out-patient examinations. Modes adjustment is provided with menu system and information record into flash-card as well. The model complete set includes computer program for personal computer due to which information can be read, seen on display, save in data and printed from flash-card.


Icar-2006-03 Model is a professional modification for family doctors as well as for clinical and out-patient examinations. It has got an additional function of information automatic registration per internal beeper signals. The model complete set includes external program for personal computer due to which information can be read-out from flash-card with automatic EKG analysis according to diagnostic criterions totality.
The external program provides examination results display in the form of cognitive graphic (see illustration). Due to this method discovered anomalies can be marked with yellow or red color of the appropriate image on the heart and autonomic nervous system graphic presentations (symbolic circuits).

The devices are completed with external charger, information read-out scanner from flash-card and external EKG cable for information registration from chest leads, removable disposable electrodes and EKG gel.

Basic Advantages:

  • Use simplicity for self-control in private life and while playing sports;
  • Ease of mass prophylactic check-up (shorten time of physical examination up to 30 seconds, it needn’t active storage);

Can be used just at the working place for operators who work under conditions of heightened risk control (drivers, air traffic controllers and others).

Chief development is Dphil Leonid Fainzilberg,

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