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A portable dictophone with voice-activated control.

The Portable microelectronic device is intended for acoustic signals record and reproduction. It is operated with voice completely. It uses a set of voice-activated control commands. It calls sound files in a voice and sounds files on their voice names. Direct analogues do not exist. It differs in high recognition reliability in the conditions of significant acoustic disturbance. Pilot models and technological documentation are made. The device is ready for transfer to a batch production.

The Digital Dictophone with Voice-Activated Control is a modern portable electronic product of mass application in which functions of dictophone, digital camera, videocamera as well as the computer which can be set on the palm are realized. The basic functions are operated with voice. In its functional and technic specification the device does not yield to the best foreign analogues. The device will be 50 % cheaper then existing ones.

dictofon The Basic Specification:

  • On-board bicyclic processor Analog Devices BF-561 with productivity 2 billion 400 million operations/seсond.
  • Operational storage capacity - 128 MB.
  • On-board flash-memory capacity - 8 MB, additional memory capacity (behind CF-interface) - up to 4 GB.
  • On-board 2,8 "TFT-LCD-display with TouchScreen.
  • USB-interface to computer systems.
  • 3 Mpixel videosensor control.
  • Feed from Li-Po accumulator.
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